Bankura District, West Bengal STD Codes

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Subscriber Trunk Dialling or STD Codes are the numbers assigned to each city/town/village in India for the purpose of making telephone calls from landline phones in one area to landline phones in other area.

No prefix is required to dial the landlines in the same STD area; however STD code has to be prefixed when dialling to landline numbers in different STD area. STD code is required when calling landline phone from mobile phone.

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9895741646 0 minutes ago
9467178834 0 minutes ago
8341088786 0 minutes ago
8057411541 0 minutes ago
8057471795 0 minutes ago
9830429620 0 minutes ago
9895195470 0 minutes ago
9467178828 0 minutes ago
8341088785 0 minutes ago
8057411539 0 minutes ago
8057471785 0 minutes ago
9830936852 0 minutes ago
9830429615 0 minutes ago
9895804647 0 minutes ago
9467178820 0 minutes ago
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Deodaithan STD Code 2 minutes ago
Elambulasseri STD Code 2 minutes ago
Mundwad STD Code 2 minutes ago
Kunwarpur STD Code 2 minutes ago
Pincode Recent Activty:
Gudari Pincode 0 minutes ago
Singanallur Pincode 0 minutes ago
Kukretha Pincode 0 minutes ago
Nadupuru Pincode 0 minutes ago
Nanighansari Pincode 0 minutes ago
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Hamirpura Pincode 0 minutes ago
Naduvannur Pincode 0 minutes ago
Guleria Pincode 1 minute ago
Thandewala Pincode 1 minute ago
Pallam Kottambathur Pincode 1 minute ago
Udusu Pincode 1 minute ago
Jiyagaon Pincode 1 minute ago
Moletha Pincode 1 minute ago
Debari Pincode 1 minute ago